Supplementary Resources for Bio200:

Textbooks and Animations:

Xvivo has some really cool animations.

Free On-Line Textbooks from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.  Fully searchable.  Especially useful texts include Molecular Cell Biology by Lodish et al.,  Introduction to Genetic Analysis by Griffith et al. and Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al.

Biological Animations of several processes, including glycolysis, the citric acid cycle, photosynthesis, replication, transcription, translation and mitosis.  

Biological Animations from St. Olaf.  Useful Flash animations of several processes that we are discussion in Bio200.

The Biology Project    An outstanding online tutorial covering many topics in cell biology.

Interactive Biochemistry  Lots of interesting stuff here.  Great animations of Na+/K+ ATPase, electron transport and other things.  Wonderful reviews of a variety of current topics, such as HIV, "Mad Cow" Disease, and Cloning Mammals.  One of the better sites I've seen.

Biochemistry On-Line  Good coverage of many Bio200 topics, from a protein-centered view

Mini Bio Library.  Several cell biology textbooks are available in SC222.  Come on in and read a different explanation and see different figures to explain troublesome concepts. 

Optional Background Readings on Parkinson Disease:

Auluck, P.K., G. Caraveo, and S. Lindquist. 2010. alpha-Synuclein: Membrane interactions and toxicity in Parkinson’s Disease. Annu. Rev. Cell Biol. 26:211-233.

Bras, J., A. Singleton, M.R. Cookson, and J. Hardy. 2008. Emerging pathways in genetic Parkinson’s disease: Potential role of ceramide metabolism in Lewy body disease FEBS J. 275:5767-5773.

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Irvine, G.B., O.M. El-Agnaf, G.M. Shankar, D.M. Walsh. 2008. Protein Aggregation in the Brain: The Molecular Basis for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases. Mol. Med. 14:451-464.

Maguire-Zeiss, K.A. 2008. alpha-Synuclein: a therapeutic target for Parkinson’s disease?  Pharmacol. Res. 58:271-280.

Marques, O., and T.F. Outeiro. 2012. Alpha-synuclein: from secretion to dysfunction and death. Cell Death Dis. 3:e350

Savitt, J.M., V.L. Dawson, and T.M. Dawson. 2006. Diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson disease: molecules to medicine. J. Clin. Invest. 116:1744-1754.

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Wood-Kaczmar, A., Gandhi, S., and N.W. Wood. 2006. Understanding the molecular causes of Parkinson's disease. Trends Mol. Med. 12:521-528.

Scientific Journals:
The following is a list of top-quality on-line journals that publish review articles.  Most of these you can access for free on-campus, by going through ScienceDirect.
Other Resources:

PubMed   The only way to search for research articles dealing with cellular biology.  A few PubMed hints:

Biology Student Handbook Pages

Parkinson Disease  A thorough tutorial on the disease from the University of Southern California

The Microscopy Resource Center  From Olympus. Contains some excellent information on both the theory and practice of modern microscopy. 

The Virtual Cell Webpage  The name says it all. 

The DNA Learning Center    Graphics-rich, historical perspective of genetics and DNA.  Login as a guest.

HHMI Biointeractive   A collection of information, animations and tutorials on many different areas of modern biology including obesity, cancer, infectious diseases and genomics.

National Center for Biotechnology Infomation.  A wide variety of biological databases and information.

Online Mendelain Inheritance in Man  An amazing database of over 10,000 human genes and human diseases.  Lots of information, much of it easy-to-read, some of it is highly technical.  Lots of links to the primary scientific literature.  Search by gene name or by disease.

Expasy  A collection of useful tools for analyzing protein sequence and structure.

DNA, RNA and Protein.  Good, brief overview of the central dogma of molecular biology.  Helpful pictures, animations and review questions.  From Bill Grimes at the University of Arizona.

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